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Please make sure you have read the guidance below before entering home learning.

Home Learning ToolKit. Click the link below

Year 11 Revision Site

From 2020/21 Academic Year

Home learning is a unique situation and is presenting a number of challenges for all of us. We simply expect parents to do their best with the resources provided by us in very difficult circumstances. We have received some fabulous examples of home learning from our pupils so please continue to send these in if you can. Well done.

Updated Guidance:

  1. Help the children have a balanced routine including; work, breaks, contacting family and friends, exercise, fresh air, free time.
  2. Include helping with tasks in the home and supporting family members into the child’s routine, this is good home learning.
  3. Have some quiet reading time every day.
  4. Periods of learning will give purpose and structure to the child’s day. Use their lesson timetable as a guide as to what subjects to focus on each day.
  5. We expect pupils to attempt the learning that has been set and to work for between 30 and 50 minutes (not over) on each subject, importantly, then taking a 10min break.
  6. Each family will have a different method of managing this depending on their situation at home.
  7. Home Learning tasks will be added to the school website every Friday ready for the week ahead.
  8. There is also a link ‘Resources to support home learning’ below.
  9. We strongly encourage pupils to be working through the ‘Cultural Experience Challenge’ below, there are some fascinating links. (It could be something lovely to do as a family).

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. How long should my child be working for?
  • A. Work for between 30 and 50 mins maximum on each subject. Remembering to take a 10 min break before starting the next subject.
  • Q. Will a pupil get into trouble for not completing all the tasks?
  • A. No. Pupils will not get into trouble.
  • Q. What do we do if our child is finding the work difficult?
  • A. If they get stuck or need guidance they can contact their teacher using the email addresses on the website. Please be patient and they will get back to you as soon as they possibly can.
  • Q. I can’t print off the work, what should we do?
  • A. There is no requirement to print off documents, use the resource from the website and then use pen and paper to answer. (If you want to show the teacher you can take a photo and email it to them)
  • Q. I can’t work online as I am using a phone or tablet. What can I do?
  • A. Use the resource on the phone and then use pen and paper, you don’t have to work online.
  • Q. I can’t edit a PDF file.
  • A. From Monday school is only using PDF files for information so there will be no requirement to edit them, you can use pen and paper or open a separate word document.
  • Q. My child doesn’t know their username or password. Username: 
  • A. The username is the child’s first initial and surname@hgcsc.co.uk (all one word) Password: The password is the pupil’s school password. If this needs resetting email mgreen@hgcsc.co.uk
  • Q. My computer is saying I have a restricted licence. 
  • A. Contact mgreen@hgcsc.co.uk
  • Q. I am having problems saving and editing the document.
  • A. Watch the video in the red FAQs section below for a demonstration.
  • Q. I have a message that I can`t open the Microsoft Word app.
  • A. You do not have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. Please download a free copy. Instructions below and on our FAQ page.
  • Q. Can I use BBC bitesize and Oak National Academy resources?
  • A. Yes, go to the school set work first and attempt these. Then see if you can find similar topic using the BBC and Oak Academy resources.
  • Q. I can access home learning but the all subjects page does not load.
  • A. Your internet browser may be out of date. Upgrade it or download Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge.

The red FAQs section below, has video tutorials that will help to access the work if you have any other difficulties.


For video tutorials and frequently asked questions click the above link.

Installing Microsoft Office

To access any of the home learning you will need to have Microsoft office installed on your computer.

If you do not have Microsoft installed you can download a free copy from our website. To download a free copy scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the HGCSC staff/student login.

Your username is the same one you use to log on to a computer in school in an email format. Your password is also the one you use to log onto a school computer.

example jbloggs2 = jbloggs2@hgcsc.co.uk

Once in, go to the top right hand corner and click install office. Follow the on screen instructions.

To access Word and PowerPoint on a tablet, download them from the App store and use your login details to sign in. You will then be able to edit and save any work to your OneDrive. You can also download Microsoft Teams and OneDrive apps as well. These will be especially useful for year 10 BTEC pupils.  

Resources to support home learning

Accessing Home Learning

To access home learning you will need Microsoft office installed on your computer (see red box above). When you access the home learning page you will see a list of subjects and folders sorted into weeks. It is important to start at week 1 and work your way through following your school timetable.

When you click on a file it will open as a read only file. You will need to either select edit file or open in app (blue buttonin Word and option in grey bar on PP) to make changes to the document. It is then advisable to click FILE then SAVE AS, to save it to your home computer. You may also get the option to save to your very own OneDrive online storage. To do this double click on OneDrive then click save. Saving your work at the very start will prevent you from losing your work altogether.

Alternatively right click on any file and select download. This will automatically download to your computers download folder.

To access your OneDrive account login at the bottom of this page and select OneDrive.

Once you have read the above information click on the link below. 

All subjects are now in home learning.


If you have an issue with logging in please contact mgreen@hgcsc.co.uk. For issues relating to work please contact the individual departments.                                              

To contact your subject teachers please use the following emails:

  • English   english@hgcsc.co.uk
  • Maths   maths@hgcsc.co.uk
  • Science   science@hgcsc.co.uk
  • Computer Science   ict@hgcsc.co.uk
  • Creative Arts   creativearts@hgcsc.co.uk
  • Geography   geography@hgcsc.co.uk
  • Health & Social Care   health@hgcsc.co.uk
  • History   history@hgcsc.co.uk
  • Modern Foreign Languages   mfl@hgcsc.co.uk
  • PE   pe@hgcsc.co.uk
  • Sociology   sociology@hgcsc.o.uk
  • Technology   technology@hgcsc.co.uk

Free Online Educational Resources

Khan Academy
Especially good for maths and computing for all ages but other subjects at secondary level. Note, this uses the U.S. grade system but it's mostly common material.

BBC Learning
This site is old and no longer updated and yet there's so much still available, from language learning to BBC Bitesize for revision. No TV licence required except for content
on BBC iPlayer.

Free to access 100s of courses, only pay to upgrade if you need a certificate in your name (own account from age 14+ but younger learners can use a parent account).

For those revising at GCSE or A level. Tons of free revision content. Paid access to higher level material.

Free taster courses aimed at those considering Open University but everyone can access it. Adult level, but some e.g. nature and environment courses could well be of  
interest to young people.

Learn computer programming skills - fun and free.

Creative computer programming

Ted Ed
All sorts of engaging educational videos

Learn languages for free. Web or app.

Mystery Science
Free science lessons

The Kids Should See This
Wide range of cool educational videos

Crash Course
You Tube videos on many subjects

Crash Course Kids
As above for a younger audience

Crest Awards
Science awards you can complete from home.

iDEA Awards
Digital enterprise award scheme you can complete online.

British Council
Resources for English language learning

Big History Project
Aimed at Secondary age. Multi disciplinary activities.

Geography Games
Geography gaming!

The Artful Parent
Good, free art activities

DK Find Out
Activities and quizzes

This is more for printouts, and usually at a fee, but they are offering a month of free access to parents in the event of school closures.

Free online audio books for pupils.

Exploratory science topics for today's world.

BBC Bitesize
Online learning resources for upper KS3 and KS4 topics.

Online learning resource with a 'seat' in a virtual classroom.

Problem-solving and reasoning activities.

Reading Eggs
App for reading activities, ages 2-14.

Award-winning STEM science and arts projects.

Muzzy BBC
Online languages learning.

National Deaf Children's Society
Finger-spelling and makaton

A wide range of subject and development-based learning resources.