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Does your child struggle to control their anger?
CAMHS are hosting an online workshop for parents to learn where anger comes from, what may be behind it and learn practical strategies to help you and your child
Great Day had at Casleton up at Peveril Castle and looking for fossils. Really great day. pic.twitter.com/6OCdOFoDOy
Sheffield United Community Foundation have a brand new Esports BTEC Level 3 course that will commence from September 2022,
The link below is to register interest to their taster session on April 14th
forms.gle/L1ArUuASsJVSDs… pic.twitter.com/wnNGGfdUyd
Is your child showing signs of anxiety? Are they feeling stressed about exams?
We have 2 specialist practitioners from the Children's Mental Health Service offering virtual Parent Workshops to help support your child. Please click the link below
HGCSC Business day has been postponed and will now be on Friday the 11th of March
Dear Year 10 parents, if you can please head to our Parent app and and take a moment to complete the feedback form for Parents evening
thank you
Is your child in Y11? Are they finding the lead up to exams stressful? Have you noticed changes in their mood/emotions? We have an online parent workshop on Friday 11th March that could help you to help your child manage exam stress.
click her to sign up surveymonkey.co.uk/r/QJJD83M
HGCSC Year 11 Business day is on Friday 11th March, lets all get dressed up and enjoy the day.
To celebrate the New Year we are pleased to offer all parents (and members of the local community) a promotional offer gym membership