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Andy StevensHead of Year

Andy Stevens
Head of Year

My name is Andy Stevens, I have served as a head of year for 17 years. I have worked with thousands of students from various backgrounds. My journey to become a head of year was not conventional.
I have coached in the United States over 10 summers & also had a short spell living in Florida. I began working in schools coaching football in schools. I started my journey in education joining The City school in 2005 as a PSA moving on to be a Head of Year. I have worked in 5 secondary schools in the local area. The latest stop being HGCSC where I was a student in the 90s, that made this feel like the ideal fit for me, our students & our community.
As a head of year, I have faced numerous challenges. From dealing with behaviour issues to supporting students through personal struggles. This role can be one of the most rewarding & challenging at the same. But despite this the messages, conversations you have with current & former students saying you made an impact no matter how small makes the struggles worth it.

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