Minerva Learning Trust

School Times/Term Dates

Times of the School Day

The school day at Handsworth Grange Community Sports College is divided as follows:

  • 8.30am - 8.40am - Arrive at school
  • 8:50am - AM registration
  • 9:05am - Period 1
  • 10:05am - Period 2
  • 11:05am - Break time
  • 11:20am - Period 3
  • 12:20pm - 12:50pm - Lunch time
  • 12:55 - 1:00pm - PM registration
  • 1:00pm - Period 4
  • 2:00pm - Period 5
  • 3:00pm - School day ends 

Extra-curricular clubs & activities and subject intervention sessions – 3.00pm – 4.00pm.

Remaining 2020-2021 calendar dates

Friday 2 April- Good Friday

Monday 5 April to Friday 16 April- Easter Break

Monday 19 April to Friday 28 May- Summer Half-term 5

Monday 3 May- Bank Holiday Monday

Monday 31 May to Friday 4 June- May Half-term

Monday 7 June- Friday 16 July- Summer Half-term 6

School ends Friday 16 July

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Attendance Matters: Make every day count…

Outstanding attendance and punctuality are the vital ingredients to the success of each individual pupil in school. For this reason we expect pupils to achieve 100% attendance every week.

Attendance & Punctuality Q & A

What if my child is ill?

Please call the school attendance line on 0114 254 2685 each day your child is absent, before 9.00am if possible, and tell us why your child is absent.

What if my child arrives late?

If your child arrives late to school they must sign in at the main school reception before going to their class so they are accounted for in case of fire or other emergency. Arriving late twice in a week will result in a one hour after school detention.

What about a medical appointment?

Where possible these should be made after school or in the school holidays. Alternatively try and make the appointment for the beginning or end of the school day in order that your child can achieve their attendance target. Collect your child shortly before the appointment and return afterwards where possible. You must send a note in your child's planner as this will enable them to sign out of school and where possible provide the appointment card / medical letter. Please do not allow full days learning to be lost because of a short medical appointment.

Absence alerts

The school will send out a text to parents whose child is absent from school. This is a safeguarding measure to ensure all the young people have arrived safely. Please help us by contacting school and informing us immediately if your child is not going to be in school and the reason for absence. If you receive a text alert please respond immediately. Please help us by ensuring all your contact details are up to date especially mobile phone numbers, we know that these change regularly and we are not always informed.