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Y11 Advance Information for Summer Exams 2021/22

Published 22/02/2022

Y11 Advance Information for Summer Exams 2021/22

On the 7th of February GCSE exam boards released further information about the upcoming summer exams. The first thing to note is that examinations will go ahead for all Y11s this year. You may be aware that examination boards have made some amendments to their examinations for this summer in light of the disruption caused by Covid. The amendments vary for each subject but include things like:

• Removal of some content or topics

• Formula sheets being made available in mathematics and science exams

• Advance notice of broad topics covered in each exam paper to help students revise

They will be discussed with students, by their teachers, and the information used to guide revision. However, all subjects will still have full exams and it remains as important as ever to revise well and work hard towards them.

Please find below the Advance Information leaflet for pupils (who have also received a copy of this in assembly) for your reference.