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Pupils, parents or carers, if you are worried and need to talk to someone

Published 16/04/2020


If you want any help or advice around your own, or your child's, wellbeing or mental health

If you have any good tips or ideas that we can share with other parents, on how you and your family are coping and staying positive

Or if you just want a chat with us, please send us an email on wellbeing@hgcsc.co.uk


Bev & Rochelle


Pastoral Help & Support for Pupils:

We know this may be a difficult time for lots of our pupils and it may be hard not being able to talk to someone at school. If you are worried about anything, aren't feeling too great in yourself or feel that you may need to tell us something then please contact one of us directly for help / advice:

  • Senior Learning Mentor - Bev Ramsey - bramsey@hgcsc.co.uk 07816894067.
  • Well Being Officer - Rochelle Edwards - redwards@hgcsc.co.uk 07378254531
  • Head of Year 7 - W Simpson - wsimpson@hgcsc.co.uk 07378258635
  • Head of Year 8 - M Keys - mkeys@hgcsc.co.uk 07378258091
  • Head of Year 9 - C Akram - cakram@hgcsc.co.uk 07378255718
  • Head of Year 10 - S Rawson - srawson@hgcsc.co.uk 07378254153
  • Head of Year 11 - D Whitehouse - dwhitehouse@hgcsc.co.uk 07378257696
  • Lead Alternative Provision - T Tomlinson - ttomlinson@hgcsc.co.uk 07378255541
  • EAL Coordinator - M Cagova - mcagova@hgcsc.co.uk 07816894053