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All Survived DofE

Posted 22/05/2018 by Lucy Dial

What a fantastic practice Duke Of Edinburgh expedition it was last week - the weather, the 'can do' attitude, the camaraderie, great behaviour and overall success. All the students were thoroughly shattered after a few days of good ol' fashioned, wholesome time out in the Peak District. One of the best parts about doing these expeditions is getting the chance to see students just be kids, no pressure from their peers to look, act or be a certain way - mainly because EVERYONE looks ridiculous - each sporting enormous backpacks and waddling around.

We had some phenomenal teams this year...Silver Team being so good at everything it almost felt like we needed to trip them up at times, I say almost - Chloe Hall, Abbie green, Jenna Marshal, Ruth Harwood, Eve Bodell and Leah Higton (no surprises). The Bronze Teams were also strong with navigational superstars Ethan Platts and Josh Dean, special mention to Tom Loomes for bringing his home made, pre-cooked bolognese, Josh James for his excellent leadership, Rebecca Todd for her tenacity in getting the job done and Ryan Fairchild for adding his own magical brand of je ne sais quoi.

They were all superb, with lots of characters adding to the sparkle but certainly keeping us on our toes. It is an unrelenting couple of days - picking up at school, chasing groups around the Peak District, pitching tents, supervising gas stove cooking, politely shouting them all to bed over and over, waking them up at the crack of dawn and then repeating it all again. Thank you so much to the team, Miss Marrison, Mrs Wills, Mrs Jones, Mrs Clarkson, Miss White, Mr NG and Mrs Steeples for your endless effort, it has massively added to the students school experience...and mine!

Mr Watchman

And a special thank you Mr Watchman from all of us at HGCSC. Not only did you bring Duke Of Edinburgh to us but also your enthusiasm, experience and a general love of the outdoors, we're certainly a lucky bunch.

Beautiful views on Monsal Dale
Pitching tents
Still walking
What a view of Derbyshire!
Doing well with the tricky maps
Still going strong in the sun
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