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For help please check below for frequently asked questions and instructional video. 

We don't have a computer but we do have a tablet/phone. How do we download Microsoft Word/PowerPoint?

You can download Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint from the App store. When they have downloaded, you just have to use your HGCSC computer login. It is also advised to download the Microsoft OneDrive App so you can easily and securely store your work. 

I have downloaded Microsoft Word/OneDrive apps but they don't seem to be opening documents, saving documents etc.

If you are having any problems with Microsoft apps on iOS or Android you can clear account setting and reset the apps. This solves a majority of issues. 

On an IPad or IPhone go to setting and find Word/PowerPoint/OneDrive etc in here you can reset and clear account settings. You will then have to log back in to each of the apps.

On an android device open the app, click on the three horizontal lines and then click on the setting button (small cog). Scroll down and click reset word. Close the app and then log back in. To reset OneDrive, open settings, select applications, click manage applications. Find OneDrive then click force stop, clear data and clear cache. Uninstall the app. Reinstall the App and log back in.

When trying to download Microsoft office a message appears which says "currently not been assigned office licence". How can I get a licence?

Please contact mgreen@hgcsc.co.uk with your childs name, year group and username. 

My computer does not have enough space to download Microsoft  Office. What are my options?

Please contact smoran@hgcsc.co.uk to discuss a variety of solutions.

I can't remember my password.

Please contact mgreen@hgcsc.co.uk with your name, tutor group and year.

I can't edit the document.

This is because we don't want people to be able to edit the original document. You will need to save a copy to your computer or OneDrive. To do this open the document you want to work on. Then click on `Open in App` This may take a moment to show up as the document needs to load. Then click File and save as. There is a video below showing how to do this.

How do I edit a PDF document?

PDF documents by their nature are not easily edited. They are usually used for informational purposes only. If you do want to edit a PDF you will need to download a converter. We will be only using PDF for informational purposes from Week 2. To use a PDF resource you can print it out, use a pen and paper or open a Word document etc to complete any tasks.

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