Minerva Learning Trust


Believe & Achieve

We are committed to creating an outstanding learning environment in which all pupils can learn, make progress and achieve their full potential. 

We have three simple school rules:

  • Be Safe  
  • Be Responsible  
  • Be Respectful  

As a school we have the following non-negotiable expectations of all our pupils:

  • Have an outstanding approach to learning
  • Arrive to school and lessons on time
  • Wear full uniform correctly
  • Be ready and equipped with your school planner and equipment
  • Walk calmly and sensibly around school site
  • Only use mobile phones at break, lunchtime and after school

We do not expect pupils to:

  • Disrupt teaching and learning
  • Drop litter
  • Eat on the corridors

Energy drinks and fizzy drinks are banned on school site because of the negative affect they have on learning and health. These items will be confiscated.

Behaviour for Learning

Approach to Learning: 

At Handsworth Grange Community Sports College we expect all pupils to behave in a manner which encourages and motivates all pupils to learn effectively. Every pupil is graded on their approach to learning during lessons, and these grades are sent home at data collection points. 

Those achieving an outstanding approach to learning are rewarded and those who fall below school expectations are expected and supported to improve their approach to learning.

Pupils with the best Approach to Learning demonstrate the following:

Approach to Learning - My effort


  • I always work with 100% effort which helps me make outstanding progress


  • I work hard in my lessons and I make good progress

Approach to Learning - My work & presentation


  • I always take pride in my work and present work neatly
  • I complete extension tasks and extend my answers regularly 
  • I always respond to feedback from the teacher and I make improvements to my work  
  • I always complete homework to a high standard


  • I take pride in my work and present work neatly
  • I respond to the feedback from the teacher and make improvements to my work
  • I always complete homework

Approach to Learning - My concentration & contribution


  • I am highly engaged in lessons and I contribute positively
  • I always work very well independently, in a group, or as a part of the whole class
  • I ask questions in order to develop my thinking skills and understanding
  • I try to work outside my comfort zone in order to make better progress


  • I am engaged in my learning
  • I contribute to lessons regularly
  • I work well independently, in a group, or as a part of the whole class

Approach to Learning - My engagement


  • I always make the right choices in lessons
  • I independently seek to develop my own understanding and apply learning
  • I am supportive of other learners and I settle down to work quickly
  • I take the opportunity to develop my confidence


  • I behave in ways that help me, and the rest of the class learn
  • I settle to work quickly
  • I am a positive role model

Rewards and Sanctions Information:

Our ethos is such that praise and incentives are integral to the day to day running of the school. On a daily basis the school recognises pupils' hard work and determination.  

When our school rules or expectations are not met and things go wrong pupils can expect to receive a sanction, this is normally a one hour after-school detention which is recorded in the pupil's planner.