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Culture Challenge

Culture Challenge

What is ‘culture’?

1. Art, music, literature, etc., thought of as a group.

2. The customs and beliefs, art, way of life and social organisation of a particular country or group.

Experiences outside of the classroom are extremely valuable. They can help you to develop knowledge, skills, confidence and vocabulary that help you to connect with the wider world. Employers feel that cultural experiences are important. They can be lots of fun too!

Challenge: Take part in as many cultural experiences as possible. You should aim for 7 in year 7, 8 in year 8, 9 in year 9 etc. You can choose which experiences to collect by going to our website. Ask a teacher or adult to verify your experiences by signing each box once you have described your experiences.

Happy Challenge Hunting!

Want to go the extra mile? Create a logbook to demonstrate your experiences to achieve Distinction.

The HGCSC Experiences

Please remember to take care when doing any of these tasks, not to film anyone without their permission and most importantly of all:

Make sure that a responsible adult knows what you are doing.

Find …

1. A famous location from Sheffield history (make sure you are accompanied)

2. 3 examples of art on buildings around Sheffield city centre (make sure you are accompanied)

3. Your local library, join, and take out a book that someone else has recommended to you

4. A piece of music from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s: listen to them all, rank them in order of which you like best and then discuss your choices with an older member of your family.

5. Your family tree and make a poster for everyone in the family

6. A Sheffield war memorial (make sure you are accompanied)

Learn …

7. A circus skill

8. A magic trick

9. Sign Language

10. A new sport

Make a…

11. Kite and fly it

12. Film

13. Board game (for a young child)

14. Meal for someone special (get someone to supervise you)

15. New outfit by cutting up bits of old clothes you never wear anymore (ask for help with the cutting if you need it and get permission to cut the clothes up!)

16. Wildlife area in your yard or garden (get permission from an adult first)

17. Picture of a family member or friend in pencil, paint or digital software

18. A 3D model using a computer programme

Try …

19. Rapping to an audience

20. Reading poetry to an audience

21. Making your own art exhibition

22. Climbing a tree (be careful and have a friend or family member there to help you!)

23. Eating a kind of food you’ve never tried before

24. Opening a bank account

25. Growing your own plant or vegetable

26. Supporting an English or British athlete on TV – shouting and yelling them on as though you are in the stadium with them!

27. Getting up before dawn to watch the dawn chorus (make sure your family know!)

Go …

28. On a picnic with family or friends after you’ve made the food for everyone

29. On a journey without your mobile (accompanied)

30. Inside a building you’ve never been in before (get permission if you need it)

31. To two shops to compare the prices of something, then buy it from the cheaper one

Write to …

32. A famous person, telling them why you like their work

33. A local politician, asking them about a decision that affects your life

34. A family member telling them why they’re so special to you

Help …

35. An old person in your neighbourhood with their garden or their washing up (Ask your family to help you find the right old person)

36. A charity by volunteering

37. Fund-raise for a good cause

38. Go shopping for a family member, take cash and work out the change you’re due before the cashier tells you

39. Assemble a piece of flat pack furniture

40. A family member fix something in the house or garden

41. Read to a younger brother or sister for 15 minutes one night every week

42. A friend who is sad by making them a card

See …

43. The stars at night

44. Birds looking after their young

45. A Sheffield sports team (that isn’t Sheffield United or Sheffield Wednesday)

Play …

46. Catch and throw to 100 (or 1000 or 1000000) with a friend

47. An endurance running race against a friend: you have to run for at least 30 minutes non-stop

48. At being mum or dad – cook, clean and care for everyone in the family for the weekend